digital transformation
d.t. involves using technology to solve your traditional business problems. we consult with businesses in a variety of sectors to understand & analyse critical issues and then create technological solutions to increase their efficiency.

our team of analysts and developers come from a variety of different business backgrounds, including management consultancy, logistics, accountancy, banking, law as well as tech, giving us a significant insight into a wide range of sectors.
web development & mobile apps
web development can often be an important part of a business's digital transformation programme. we can assist with the creation of digital products and applications to help you grow and become more efficient.

from project set-up we go through a process of requirements elicitation and analysis, through to UX design and construction. we then carry out acceptance testing and transition to operation.

have you got a technical idea to help take your business further? let's talk it over over a coffee... :)
solutions for startups
as a recently formed company ourselves, we know only too well what is involved in starting up a business. luckily, we're really keen to share our experience with anyone who will listen. whether it is recommending partners who have helped us on our journey or giving some friendly advice for free, we are always happy to have a chat!
one of the most important uses of AI in business is related to client support and communication in real-time, which is an area where robots are performing at a quasi-human level. if you are thinking of implementing a chatbot to streamline your customer service, get in touch!
seo copywriting & translation
successful content marketing strategies require publishing a large range of content on a variety of platforms. before even creating any content, however, a significant amount of time and resource should be committed to keyword/keyphrase research, creation of an editorial content calendar and ensuring a framework is in place for reviewing content.

we can help create and execute a successful content marketing strategy to increase your position on google. we also have in-house translators and a lot of experience to help you take your business international.