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We worked with Pets Lets to build a new platform to help prospective tenants with pets in London find pet-friendly properties. Take a look at the process below.
We started by researching the market and coming up with a business and financial case alongside the client to ensure the project had scope for success.
00 Research & Business Case
We created a heirarchical requirements catalogue of all the features the platform could have or would need. We prioritised them on a MoSCoW basis (must have, should have, could have, want), to understand what the MVP (minimum viable product) should include.
01 Project Initiation/Requirements Elicitation
We then began work on the design including UI kit, icons and visuals. We developed the user flow, created designs for each page on Sketch and updated the logo.
02 Design
We coded the site using Vue.js and Node. We added a CMS and admin panel where the client can create blog posts in markdown, amend content on the site and add or remove users. We also created a sitemap so that the site is fully indexable by Google.
03 Construction
Finally, we carried out acceptance testing to ensure there were no defects on the site before release, as well as usability testing to see how real users use the platform.

You can see the finished product at:
04 Acceptance Testing/Transition to Operation
and after...